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CNR Mersin Logistics and Transportation Exhibition

CNR Mersin Logistics and Transportation Exhibition

16-18 May 2024

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The visitor hereby agrees, represents and acknowledges that the information of the visitor, which is in possession of CNR Holding A.Ş. (“Organizer”), is accurate, complete and consistent with the customer’s statement; the visitor will immediately notify Organizer in writing in the event of any change in this information, and complete, sign and deliver to Organizer a new form with the updated information; the information the visitor has declared to Organizer will not be used for any purposes other than processing, nor will it be disclosed to any third parties without the visitor’s consent or under the circumstances allowing such disclosure under the applicable regulations, and the visitor has been informed that mandatory information that must be shared with public agencies or institutions and/or judicial authorities are exempted from this rule; the visitor hereby consents to Organizer’s sharing such information with public agencies or institutions whom Organizer is working with or is under obligation by law, in the event of a legal or contractual/service related actual requirement, and/or with third party service providers or suppliers in Turkey or elsewhere; the visitor has given their consent, having been fully informed about the matter without any question marks remaining, to the processing of the same, including transfer out of the country in the event of a legal or contractual/service related actual requirement; Organizer has provided the visitor with the necessary explanations under law #6698 and on the visitor’s rights under said law.

Visitors agree that the personal data provided for registration for the Exhibition may be included in the Organizers’ database and used by the Organisers or passed onto third parties for promotion, sending e-newsletter, target marketing, sending SMS and call center activity purposes. Any requests for access to or correction of the data can be made to Data Department, CNR Expo Yeşilköy, 34149, Bakırköy İstanbul-Turkey.

For security purposes CCTV and surveillance cameras are recording and storing the visual data in the Exhibition Centre.

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